General Information

Office Hours – The studio/office is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M., September through May.  The office is staffed during these hours.  Please stop by or call (336) 226-9700 with any questions or concerns.

Arrivals and Departures – Our facility has two entrances–one on Main Street and one on Worth Street.  We prefer you to enter and exit from our Worth Street door so as not to interrupt classes in the gallery, which is on the Main Street side.  Please be sure students are present a few minutes before their class, so they will be ready to begin class promptly.  Students should be picked up promptly after their class ends.

Parents are welcome to wait at the studio; however, we are not staffed to oversee unattended children.

Food – Snacks are welcome to be brought from home, but they should be kept in the lobby area, and not taken into class.  Only water is allowed in the classrooms.  The snack and drink machine in the studio has items priced from $0.50 to $1.00.  Parents are responsible for children who leave the facility to purchase food at Zack’s Hotdogs or elsewhere.

Registration – A $35.00 fee is required at registration to hold one student’s place in class.  For additional students within a family, the registration fee is reduced to $20.00 per student.  Registration is due before the student begins their first class.  Call us at (336) 226-9700 to register or visit the “Registration” page under “About Arts Alive” to download the required registration forms.

Tuition – Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.  See “Tuition Questions” (below) for more details.

Calendar of Events – Upon registration, you will be given a calendar.  Please mark these dates on your personal calendar so that you will be aware of performances, Parent Observation Week, and other important dates.

Newsletter – Watch our web page, your e-mail inbox, and Facebook (Arts Alive Fine Arts Studio) for all of the latest updates.  E-mails,, and notes on the lobby bulletin board are our primary ways of communicating with you.  Please advise the office staff if these methods do not work for you.

For your convenience, we provide a telephone answering service at the studio to receive your calls at any time.  If you call and no one is present in the office to speak to you, please leave a message.

Dance Costumes – Dance students’ recital/ballet costume fees are included in their monthly tuition cost.  Dance costumes which are not rentals are the property of the students.  Arts Alive orders costumes after the Christmas break in preparation for the end-of-the-year performances.  In the spring, photos of each class’s costume are displayed on our lobby bulletin board so that you can see what costume each student will wear in the recital/ballet.   Costumes will be distributed to students in plenty of time for the performances.

Dress Codes and Studio Etiquette – Arts Alive has class dress codes and etiquette to ensure modesty and the proper attitude for learning.  Please see “Dress Codes” and “Studio Etiquette” under “For Students & Parents” for detailed information about what we require.

Attendance – Please make every effort to have your student in class each week!  Frequent absences and tardies create problems, not just for the student who has fallen behind, but also for their teacher and classmates as well.  We understand that unavoidable circumstances will occur when a student may have to miss class.  When an absence becomes necessary, please call the office at (336) 226-9700 before your the student’s class time to let us know.

Commitment – For each student to learn commitment and perseverance, we believe that it is of high importance that they finish out the studio year.  It is in this attitude of respect, for our studio, for our instructors, and for their fellow classmates that we ask you not to “drop out.”  If there is a problem with a class, please let our office staff know, and we will make every effort to resolve the issue.  We are committed to our Arts Alive families, and we thank you for your commitment to us as well.

Parades – Students are encouraged to participate in the annual Burlington Christmas Parade, but this is not required.  Younger students will ride on the Arts Alive float with staff/parent chaperones.  We welcome parent volunteers for this event.  An Arts Alive parade shirt is required for all students, teachers, and parents who wish to be in the parade.  Further information about ordering shirts and parade sign-up will be posted as the holiday season approaches.

“Stick To It” Cards – At the beginning of our studio year, each young student is given a “Stick To It” card to bring to class weekly.  Their instructors will add stickers to their cards weekly as rewards for attendance, participation, and obedience.

Parent Observation – Once a year we open our classes for parent observation, as noted on your Event Calendar.  These dates are still regular classes and not performances.  We encourage parents and siblings to come watch their student(s) in class on these days.  However, we ask that you make every effort to observe without distracting the students, so please keep younger siblings quiet.

Performances/Art Exhibit – We are a performing arts studio.  All students, except those privately instructed, will participate in performances.  We sponsor theatre performances, a winter dance concert, an end-of-the-year art exhibit, and dance performances.  All of these dates are noted on your Event Calendar and updated on our web site.  Please mark your calendars at the beginning of the year so that you will not accidentally plan vacations, business trips, etc. on any of these special dates.  Class time is used to prepare students for these performances and art exhibit.  As these dates approach, we will provide you with more specific information.  No photography or video is allowed during performances, but is welcomed during rehearsals.  A professional video will be offered for sale for every end-of-the-year dance and theatre production.

Dress Code

Arts Alive Fine Arts Studio desires to uphold a standard of excellence for Christ.  In keeping with that vision, we ask that you dress modestly anytime you are at our studio.  When not in class, please wear a shirt and skirt, shorts, or pants over your leotard.  In the halls between classes, it is always the best choice to be covered up!

The following is the dress code expected from all students while in class.  Failure to adhere to the dress code may result in the student being asked to sit out and observe their class.

Ballet – Hair must be worn in a neat bun, including a hair net.  If your hair is too short to be worn in a bun, wear hair pulled back away from your face.  Shoes – You must provide pink ballet shoes.  When buying these, make sure the shoes hug the form of your foot.  For Pointe students, please see a dance store professional to have shoes properly fitted.  A black leotard and pink tights (footed or convertible – NO  footless) are required, and dance skirts are recommended for modesty.  NO shorts, pants, or baggy shirts are allowed in class!  The dance instructor needs to be able to clearly see your body positions in order to properly instruct you.

TapFlat, oxford-type split-sole black tap shoes and shorts or pants no longer than ankle-length are required

JazzHair must be worn in a ponytail or bun.  Black jazz shoes (not jazz boots/sneakers), a leotard, and shorts or pants no longer than ankle-length are required.  These shorts or pants must be fitted.  NO BAGGY SHIRTS are allowed in class!

LiturgicalBare feet are required for class.  Your instructor will decide if shoes are necessary for performances.  A leotard is required.  A dance skirt, shorts, or pants may be worn over your leotard, but are not required,  and tights may be worn under your leotard, but are not required.  Bring a Bible, notebook, and pencil to class each week.

ModernBare feet, a leotard, and convertible tights are required.  A dance skirt, shorts, or pants may be worn over your leotard, but are not required.

CharacterBlack character shoes are required.  A solid t-shirt and shorts or capris may be worn.

CloggingWhite clogging shoes, a shirt and shorts or pants no longer than ankle-length are required.  Hair should be kept out of your face, but a bun or ponytail is not required.

Tuition Questions

What will it cost me to take classes?

Tuition begins at $50.00 a month for an hour class and increases incrementally from there.  This does not apply to theatre, which has a flat monthly tuition rate.  There is also a 10% discount for siblings’ tuition.  Check with the office staff for more details concerning the schedule and tuition scale.

How often do I pay tuition?

Your tuition is to be paid monthly; however, you may pay in advance for tuition and fees.  All payments are due by the 10th of each month.  You will receive an invoice via e-mail after the 10th if you have not paid.  A late fee of $15.00 will automatically be added to payments received after the 10th of the month.  There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.

What are my payment options?

We accept cash or check.  You can mail your payment to us at 335 S. Main Street, Burlington, NC 27215, or drop it into the wooden payment box in the lobby.  Please make checks payable to “Arts Alive” and include the student’s name.  Do not mail cash; cash should be placed in an envelope provided at the payment box.  Label the envelope with the amount enclosed and the student’s name.

What if my child misses his class due to holidays or sickness?

Your tuition is the same regardless of classes missed or the number of classes in a month.  There is no reduction for missed classes.

What if classes are cancelled due to bad weather?

If we have to cancel classes on a certain day because of bad weather, we will program a message onto the studio’s answering machine by 2:00 P.M. that day.  In the case of inclement weather, please call the studio to listen to the message so that you will be informed of any cancellations.  Anytime that a class must be cancelled, a make-up class will be scheduled.  We will inform you of the date and time of the make-up class as soon as we decide upon this information.

What if my child must withdraw from his class?

Should withdrawal become necessary, a two-week written notice is required from the child’s parent or guardian.  If we do not receive notice from you that your child is dropping their class, your tuition will continue to accrue.  Once you notify us of your withdrawal, payment for your two-week notice plus any outstanding balances must be paid.  If your child drops a dance or theatre class within 3 months of our end-of-the-year performances, you must also pay a $35.00 cancellation fee.