Studio Etiquette

These studio policies must be adhered to at all times.

 Students show respect for the studio by:

  • Leaving cell phones, gum, food, and drinks (water excluded) out of the classrooms.
  • Never misusing studio equipment or property.
  • Not running or horse-playing in the hallways.
  • Keeping classrooms and studio building tidy and not leaving trash or personal belongings lying around the facility.

Parents show respect for students, teachers, and the studio by:

  • Having students ready for class on time.  No admittance into dance room after 5 minutes, unless we are aware that you are running late.
  • Picking up students on time.  Please note that Arts Alive closes 5 minutes after the last class of the day.
  • Being attentive to their children while in the halls.  Please do not allow them to be disruptive to the classes that are in session (i.e., no running or horseplay, keeping the hallway noise level to a minimum, etc.).  In addition, children are never to be left unattended at Arts Alive for any reason.
  • Ensuring that their students know all of the studio policies.
  • Addressing the staff of Arts Alive with respect and common courtesy.
  • Addressing all quick questions they have for the teacher at the end or beginning of class, or by email/phone.  Some questions may be answered by our office staff during the office hours of 4:00 to 8:00 P.M.

 Students show respect for themselves by:

  • Being on time and prepared for their classes.
  • Adhering to our studio’s dress code.
  • Not wearing jewelry that is distracting or could potentially be unsafe (i.e., dangling earrings, long chain necklaces, etc.).
  • Carrying themselves properly as young lady or gentleman.  This includes being kind and compassionate to those around them, using appropriate vocabulary, and dressing modestly.
  • Being aware that they are an example to those around them.  As we are called to be “Christ-like,” our students should be an encouragement to everyone they come in contact with.
  • Being appreciative of and receptive to the instruction provided by the teacher.

 Students show respect for their peers by:

  • Keeping their hands to themselves.
  • Waiting quietly and patiently while other students are receiving personal instruction.
  • Keeping their words to one another kind and polite.
  • Allowing the staff of Arts Alive to provide correction and instruction where they deem appropriate.
  • Using the restroom before and after class time and only leaving the classroom with the instructor’s permission.